Life Is About Learning to Dance in the Rain The Times They Are a Changing – But Are YOU?

In this rapidly changing economic, political and social environment, you have a choice.   You can “hold on” for dear life to what once was and will never return as we have known it, or you can grab onto the one thing that you can control – the reality that lies within you.

This may be a good time to kick the habit and get real!  That habit is the illusion that we have full control over our money, our jobs, and our physical security.  The reality is that the only real control you have ever had or will have is the control over your own emotional state. If you continue to hold onto the false belief that you can control all that is “out there,” you will dig a deeper hole of despair and create even more anxiety.

Feeling powerless and helpless is a serious self-imposed emotional state.  In their book, Getting Well Again, Stephanie and Dr. Carl Simonton, an oncologist, state that one of the personality traits consistently seen in cancer patients was that of feeling powerless and helpless. Feelings of despair reduce the immune system causing not just cancer but all diseases an unfair advantage. The thoughts and feelings you choose dictate not only your emotional well being but your physical health.

Tips to Take Charge of Change:

  1. Don’t push the river.  Go with the flow and learn to be a better swimmer
  2. Choose your battles wisely and look for what you can change.  You can’t choose your patients or those you serve but you can change your attitude.
  3. Perspective changes how you look at it. If there isn’t a bonus this year, remember there are millions of Americans that would love your job.
  4. Be proactive – not reactive. Be part of the solution and not the problem
  5. Lead the way to change. Stop whining and start winning! Both are contagious.

Edie Raether, known as the Bully Buster,  is an international speaker, coach and bestselling author of seven books including Stop Bullying Now. A behavioral psychology expert and family therapist, Edie has also been a college professor and talk show host with ABC.  Visit Edie at and Contact her at or (704) 658-8997.